Viewing and Sharing Updates Aplenty!

Since launching the new Forge just over three weeks ago, we’ve been working hard to implement features and improvements based on feedback from the Forge community. With this update, we’re proud to announce a series of changes that give you more control over what you share as well as easier ways to discover clips and meet other Forge community members.



Want to see clips from more people than just your friends? Our new “Explore” option gives you a way to see what clips are being created by the Forge community. Check out the new feed for all recent Forge clips, and chat about which clips you like or which ones you may have missed.

New Profile

Profiles have a new look with a thumbnail view that shows more videos at a time for quick browsing. We’ve also brought back where all clips go to your profile, but if you don’t want any clips to be displayed publicly, you can easily delete them. Plus, you can set a cover video from one of your favorite clips to play in a loop at the top of the page.

Nudge Friends

Want to see what’s going on in your friend’s game? Give them a friendly little nudge and let them know. They’ll have the option to send you a clip of what what they’re playing at the exact moment you nudge them without stopping their game.


Clips and profiles are viewable on mobile browsers again!

Improved Clip Interaction

Liking and commenting on clips is back. We’ve also changed the way clip URLs work so that if you share a link to a clip, whoever clicks on it doesn’t need to sign in to Forge or create a username to see it. And, of course, if you want to make sure a specific friend on Forge sees your clip, you can still send clips directly to any friends.

Editable Captions

Captions are back with a big improvement: they’re now editable! You can go back and edit captions from past clips or add captions to clips that you created without a caption.

App Navigation Changes

We’ve made a couple front-end changes to the app. The “Sessions” tab is now labeled rather than only being an icon, and Stories can be found under “Home.”

Higher Quality Twitter Clips

We’ve expanded the size limit for clips sent to Twitter, so now when you share to Twitter, the video is less compressed, which means better quality!

If you’re experiencing any issues with this update, email us at or follow us on Twitter at @forgehelp. If you would like to leave suggestions on how we can improve Forge, please do so here:

Viewing and Sharing Updates Aplenty!

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