Week 2 Updates

When we launched our newest version of Forge last week, we planned on making quick changes based on user feedback, so this first update improves on some of the most frequent comments we’ve received.

View Forge Clips Without Signing Up

We’ve made it easier to view and comment on clips without being logged in. When someone clicks on a link to one of your clips, they’ll now be able to watch your clip and respond to you with chat messages by simply picking a username.

These usernames are unclaimed accounts that grant access to all of Forge, including sending messages, downloading the client, and creating clips. Users of unclaimed account, however, can’t access their settings, and logging out deletes that account. Accounts can be permanently claimed by entering an email address and password.

Suggested Users

Want to find new friends on Forge? We’ve added a suggested user section underneath your stories list that adds three suggested users who may have mutual friends or play the same games as you. Whenever you refresh the page, a new group of suggested users will appear.

Post-Game Clipper Improvements

We’ve redesigned the post-game clipper to allow you to choose where your bookmarks and clips go after you create them. With the new improvements, you can now choose to send a clip to your profile, story, or directly to individual friends. You can also easily share any clips made in the post-game clipper by selecting the “Share to Twitter” and “Share to Facebook” options.

Note: Thanks to all the feedback we’ve received from the community, we’ve been working very hard to streamline our user experience and fix any interactions that don’t make sense for both new and veteran Forge users. We’ve temporarily removed a couple features as we explore how to make the entire sharing experience as simple as possible:

  • Posting clips to Twitter as a video or GIF: We’re going back to the drawing board on how clips are shared externally from Forge. For now, we’ve streamlined the options you have when sharing clips whether they are made in-game or from the post-game highlighter, and removed the multiple options we had for Twitter. You can still get a GIF version of any clip by clicking the “link” icon when viewing a clip.
  • Captions for clips made in the post-game clipper: Captions are something we hope to figure out the best way to showcase, so expect these to return in some form relatively soon.

If you’re experiencing any issues with this update, email us at help@forge.gg or follow us on Twitter at @forgehelp. If you would like to leave suggestions on how we can improve Forge, please do so here: http://feedback.forge.gg/forums/429220-forge-wishlist.

Week 2 Updates

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