Connect with your gaming friends on the new Forge


As we’ve continued to build Forge, we’ve looked for ways to address feedback we’ve received through email, the community wish list, and social media. One request we’ve heard the most is to make it easier to talk and watch videos with friends on Forge. Because of that, we’re excited to introduce a new update that gives you more options to connect with your gaming friends.

Making these changes adds a new look and feel to the site and desktop app, but bookmarks still exist via [F5], and sessions are now available by clicking on the film reel icon in your left-hand sidebar.


giphy (1).gif

The old feed has been replaced with Stories, where you can easily find your friends’ gaming moments. Stories are automatic compilations of your recent clips that disappear after 72 hours. You can instantly update your story by pressing [F6] in-game to record the previous 15 seconds, or [F7] to record the next 1-15 seconds of gameplay.

Direct Clips


Clips can now be sent directly to friends. Use your mouse wheel while in-game to bring up your friends list. You can then select which friends will receive your clip as a private message.


giphy (2).gif

Chat is here! Not only can you directly message friends, but you can also send and receive clips with any friends while in-game on Forge.

Featured Clips


You can now choose which clips appear on your profile. Because clips added to Stories disappear after 72 hours, you can add any clips you like a lot to your profile, so you can keep them forever or get a link for them to share outside of Forge. (Note: We will also soon be expanding profiles to have more filtering and organization options!)

In-Game Overlay

giphy (3).gif

Our new in-game overlay makes it possible to chat and send clips without leaving your game. Simply press [CTRL]+[TAB] to toggle between your game and Forge.

Because of all of the changes with this release, we will be spending the next several days working exclusively on fixing bugs and making it run smoothly, so If you are experiencing any issues or have questions about our newest update, please email us at

If you would like to leave suggestions on how we can improve Forge, please do so here: After making sure this new version is running smoothly, we want to elaborate on it to better suit your gameplay sharing interests. We look forward to hearing your feedback, and see you on Forge!

Connect with your gaming friends on the new Forge

One thought on “Connect with your gaming friends on the new Forge

  1. Damn, really sad to see you all go in this direction. “Stories” are NOT how I want to share my gaming clips with friends. Why not create more integration with Discord where people already have friend groups rather than asking them to join a totally separate (uninhabited) network? Your tool is pretty great but we don’t need ANOTHER social network. Focus on the tool and sharing. The fact that it’s difficult to share individual clips now defeats the purpose of using it for me. Really do appreciate all the effort but I think this new direction misses the mark for many. Hopefully that isn’t actually true for most people who use Forge.

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