#POTW – March 17th

Team Fortress 2 and Chivalry highlight this week’s #POTW post. Today’s finalists are Jorg and… a man with a pole through his head. Yes, it’s Culture-Vulture’s clip, but we’re just so impressed that a man who, again, has a pole sticking through his head, was able to hold his own for so long. A true play of the week!

Jorg playing Team Fortress 2

By the end of this life it was one of my best killstreaks at 30


Culture-Vulture playing Chivalry

‘Pole-Eye’ And The Fumblers

Strong performances! These clips and more can be found by visiting the #POTW hashtag on Forge or clicking its featured link on the Forge front page. Add your clips to the running by putting #POTW in the caption of your best plays on Forge for a chance to be featured.
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#POTW – March 17th

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