#POTW – February 10th

This week  had tons of great plays on #POTW, so how did we choose? We’ve gotta admit that we went with the ones with the sweet tunes in the background. Is that fair to togashiazrael, Maeka, gspleen, Raxta, werelock, and kagekiri who all had some ridiculously good plays? Not really, and our apologies, but we were rocking out to this background music and couldn’t resist!

Culture-Vulture playing Chivalry

It’s All About Timing

Dids playing Overwatch

I mean, come on, that’s gotta be #potw

Kaleri_ playing Overwatch


Excellent work! These clips and more can be found by visiting the #POTW hashtag on Forge or clicking its featured link on the Forge front page. Add your clips to the running by putting #POTW in the caption of your best plays on Forge for a chance to be featured.

To see more community clips, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

#POTW – February 10th

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