New Update: Instant Clip

Ever stuck in an intense battle where you want to upload a clip but not stop to edit it? Instant Clip is here for you. Now via the Forge app, all it takes is a simple press of [F8] during any moment of your game to immediately share your last 15 seconds of gameplay.


After you hit [F8], your clip will be instantly uploaded to Forge and you’ll be given a URL featuring your gameplay that you can share anywhere. It’s that simple!


Of course, if you want longer or shorter clips, or a little more precision, you can still always edit clips after your game session has ended, or by using the In-Game Clipper [F6]. But now you have an option for those too-good-to-wait, too-intense-to-stop moments of your games!

As always, you can view and set your hotkeys in the app Settings:


If you’re experiencing any issues with this feature, please email us at If you would like to leave suggestions on how we can improve Forge, please do so here:

New Update: Instant Clip

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