#POTW – February 3rd

Even if it’s not snowing in your neck of the woods, it’s a Blizzard here with the #POTW roundup. This week featured many great moments from Overwatch, making it tough to only choose a couple, but we did our best and then threw in a Heroes of the Storm clip to boot!

gspleen playing Overwatch

Visor ult and cleanup

Kagekiri playing Heroes of the Storm

Fire Ward [Lv4], Sulfuras Smash [Lv10], & Resilient Flame [Lv13] = Sustain for days

Hellsing playing Overwatch

Just hold mouse 1 and everyone is doomed♫

Nice job, everyone! These clips and more can be found by visiting the #POTW hashtag on Forge or clicking its featured link on the Forge front page. Add your clips to the running by putting #POTW in the caption of your best plays on Forge.
To see more community clips, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

#POTW – February 3rd

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