#POTW – January 20th

A fighter, an FPS, and a MOBA walk into a bar… and that bar turns out to be this week’s plays of the week! What’s on tap? A kill streak from gspleen in Overwatch, another round of perfect in SFV from togashiazrael, and a mid-fight level up from Dakota in Heroes of the Storm!

gspleen playing Overwatch

4-pack cleanup

togashiazrael playing Street Fighter V

Diamond Top Tier Character gets WORKED.

dakota playing Heroes of the Storm

Teching mid fight? I learned that in Dota.

Nice job, everybody! These clips can be found by visiting the #POTW hashtag on Forge or clicking its featured link on the Forge front page. Add your clips to the running by putting #POTW in the caption of your best plays on Forge for a chance to be featured.

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#POTW – January 20th

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