ELEAGUE Season 2 Forge recap

This fall, we partnered up with ELEAGUE to give a chance to the Forge community to get their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive clips featured on TV. All CS:GO clips recorded on Forge that were tagged and tweeted with #ELEAGUEForge were eligible, and four were chosen to be featured on the nationally televised episodes on TBS. In case you missed any of those moments, here are the clips that were featured this season:


“ESEA Ace Clutch 1v3”


“You guys won’t rush long!”


“Nuke 2k”


“WinD – AWPing Cache Mid”

Great job, everyone! Seeing our community’s clips on TV brought a single tear to our eye. Although the season is over, there is still one last victory to be had! Tune in to the ELEAGUE CS:GO Major Championship on TBS January 29.

To see more Counter-Strike clips from the Forge community, check out the CS:GO page on Forge or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

ELEAGUE Season 2 Forge recap

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