Custom clips, GIFs, and more come to Forge


Forge was built as a tool for gamers to easily record and share their favorite gaming moments. Over the past year, we’ve tried out several updates to Forge as we’ve refined our beta build, including experimenting with livestreaming to create a unique, interactive experience that extended beyond short clips.

While we were able to try out different ideas by building our own streaming platform, it ultimately affected our ability to innovate on our core feature: sharing gaming moments. Since Forge was built on clips, we wanted to continue to improve that experience. However, that meant we needed to move away from our experiments around streaming.

I’ve spoken before about how I envisioned Forge as being the gamer’s camera, providing gamers with an easy way to share gameplay. But in order to be used to the best of its ability, the camera needs a photographer, and we’ve been thinking of ways to give the gamer/photographer more power in what they capture and share.


Today we’re focusing on the following features that allow gamers to customize their gaming clips:

  • A New Way to Express Yourself. Now you can unleash your creativity and customize your gaming clips with stickers, overlays, drawing, and text.
  • GIFs! It’s now possible to turn any Forge clip into a GIF, giving you a choice between sharing your gameplay as video clips or GIFs.
  • The Easiest Way to Share. You can share your clips to Twitter directly from the Forge desktop app. We’ve also added Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook sharing buttons to every clip on the website.
  • Discover New Clips. Our algorithmic video feed recommends clips so that you always see the newest and most popular gameplay from the Forge community and the people you follow.
  • Expanded Search. It’s now easy to search for games, hashtags, and users.
  • A Visual Makeover. We’ve taken your requests, such as a darker theme and expanded profile pages, and have incorporated them into a redesigned website. We’ve also simplified the desktop app to focus on creating and sharing clips.
  • Faster, Stronger. Hardware encoding improvements make the desktop app more lightweight, freeing up CPU resources.

Introducing these changes is a step in making Forge not only the easiest way to share gaming moments but also the most fun, giving gamers several methods for self-expression and communication through their gameplay.

I’m excited to see how the Forge community uses the features in this next chapter of Forge!

Custom clips, GIFs, and more come to Forge

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