Interactive streaming comes to Forge


Forge’s mission has always been to make it easy for everyone to share their gameplay.

We launched our public beta in February starting with the easiest way to share gaming highlights, using features like automatic game-detection and one-click sharing to social media, and grew a community where gamers could share, watch, and comment on gameplay clips.

We’ve long wanted to make it so that gamers can also share longer sessions of gameplay, though, so we’re proud to announce that now, in addition to highlighting, we’ve implemented livestreaming directly to Forge, making it easy to stream, highlight, and share gameplay all in one place.

Here are the key features in the new update:

  • Livestream directly to Forge: We provide the streaming software along with a social platform that has chat, in-game reactions, and more ways to connect with viewers.
  • One-window streaming: See and toggle your gameplay, viewer chat, reactions, settings, and highlights in a single window.
  • Content diversity: Browse through live streams and looping highlights. Plus, like with past iterations of Forge, post 5–30 second highlights to Twitter with one click.
  • Interactive viewing experience: Not only can viewers chat with you as you play, but they can even add reactions that are displayed in-game during your stream.

With the introduction of livestreaming, Forge also offers the tools needed for anyone to share their gameplay and interact with their audience. From recording to sharing to livestreaming, the Forge community can get their fix of gaming footage while also easily sharing their own gameplay. This update takes us one step closer to assure that you’ll never miss a moment when using Forge.

We will soon start posting blog entries that go into more detail about Forge features, so please continue to follow this blog for those updates. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Steam.

Interactive streaming comes to Forge

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