New update: Temporary highlighter changes and Twitter improvements

Our site’s new look is still a work in progress, and as we improve it, we’re implementing a series of small changes. We also are undergoing some work on the “HIGHLIGHT” tab in the desktop client that will temporarily affect how highlighting works. See the full list of changes below:

  • “Tweet when I start streaming” enabled: Automatically notify your Twitter followers that you’ve started a stream. To use this feature, configure it through “settings” on
  • Fixed embedded highlights in Twitter cards: We were experiencing issues with highlights not playing when shared on Twitter. That has been fixed, and they should be working properly now.
  • Stream URL is now displayed in-client: Easily share your stream with your custom URL.
  • Game/window capture is combined in video source selection: Select whichever you prefer using the dropdown list.
  • Highlight tab has been updated to only display bookmarks at this time. Currently, only bookmarks will show up in highlight tab but will have a four-minute buffer — two minutes before bookmark and two minutes after — so don’t forget to hit F5! (Note: full sessions will be back. We’ve only taken them out because we needed to to make certain changes to the highlighter.)

If you’re experiencing any issues, email us at If you would like to leave suggestions on how we can improve Forge, please do so here:

New update: Temporary highlighter changes and Twitter improvements

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